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DVD - BREAKDOWN COMBINATIONS: Volume 1 (Pry Variations)
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If you're rolling with a wrestler (or any good grappler for that matter no matter the style, but let's be honest, especially a wrestler) you're going to need more than a few breakdowns in your arsenal.  Breakdowns, for the novices to Western Wrestling, are tactics to get your fighter out of a 4-point base (hands-and-knees position to all, 1/4 Position to old schoolers, and perhaps the turtle position to those with a gi-based background).  Hooking an opponent in a 1/4 position will result in fighting some good offense or being bucked off altogether, that is if the opponent is worth his salt.  With that in mind, the old school strategy of destroying that base is a wise way to run.  The common problems with breakdowns are threefold...1) The vocabulary is too shallow, that is a little juking an jiving by the bottom man either puts you out of position for your go-to or leaves you chasing predictable options making you a grappling telegraph and SOL.  2) The vocabulary is predicated on setting the sub before the control--that's where losing the sub altogether comes into play.  3) The breakdown violates hip-dominance theory and thus shaking off and tri-podding are made easier for your opponent.  This volume of RAW is the first in a periodic series that will expand your vocabulary according to positional reference.  A preview of what you'll find on this volume: Why you always pry and never seatbelt--never.  I repeat, never.  Long-time RAW Subscribers know that I will open this with a Jam & Rotary or Spiral.  You can also predict that we'll run this into the 3 Primary follow-up submissions that call for adherence to good wrestling pressure theory. (Good news, crew, these subs will work with every single variation to follow--that means memorize your set-ups and then overlay the triple crown of violence at each breakdown dead-end--Oh, and no worries, new subs ahead).  Next, we'll cover three ways to finish that spiral when your opponent has fought your near-arm out of play.  You got a guy completely "turtled"?  (Why this was ever a strategy I'll never understand.)  Can't insert a pry to save your life?  Sure you can.  He won't like it, but what do you care?  If (if) that near-arm is still not available, it's time to go Hock-Ride.  There will be so much pressure on the un-defended knee, he'll beg for the neck crank.  We'll also use that Hock Ride to hit a True Hammer Lock and Pin to an Inverted Sleeper--all very tasty options.  We'll close out with the proper way to work the Head Lever (BTW--If you apply the Head Lever concept shown here to your clinch game more opportunities will open for you.)  We'll use that Head Lever and illustrate how to put maximum pressure on with a Chicken Wing.  BTW-This is a tapping Chicken Wing and not a Pin Chicken Wing.  The only problem with a Chicken Wing is the loss due to roll about 30% of the time...what you need is a Nelson Body Block and that roll ain't gonna happen again.  (We'll add an Inverted Armbar for those with short arms for far Nelsons.)  ESP RAW 117 gives you 6 Breakdown Drills that culminate in 22 hooks.  This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.