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DVD - THE THROW-BY: Fundamentals & Applications
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The Throw-By is a beautifully subtle (if misunderstood) go-behind.  Tight, efficient, economical wrestlers use the throw-by over the duck-under whenever possible to avoid the sprawl.  This volume aims to give you the in's and out's of the Throw-By to tighten your own sub-only game and the how-to to add the Throw-By to your MMA game, as when done properly, the Throw-By is an ideal way to hit a surprising go-behind in the midst of a clinch or strike flurry all the while avoiding the sprawl and the possibility of eating a counter-knee.  We open this volume with...The vital importance of going to your opponent and not executing a throw-by with any distance whatsoever; the efficiency of roofing over lifting; how to use the "ear" to control your opponent before your hands are fully-locked.  Next, we'll look at the 3-Fundamental Throw-By Entries: 1) The standard Collar & Elbow clinch entry.  2) The Plum Blossom Entry--combine this with the Plum Shrug and you won't have to worry about clinch knees ever again.  3) And the Throw-By off of Strikes--There is a natural boxing counter that dovetails directly into the Throw-By, so if you've got any boxing base beneath you whatsoever you have a natural go-behind to takedown waiting for you.  Pretty sweet.  Once we've got the fundamentals down, and bolstered those with the primary entries it's time to do something with that go-behind.  We will hit a solid dozen takedowns that build off of the throw-by go-behind position.  We've ordered these takedowns: 1) According to ease of execution along with key details to avoid what Mr. Karl Gotch has indelicately phrased "an abortion of a takedown."  2) Planned second measure for likely movement by your opponent whether he is attempting to step-out, back-elbow, hip-out, wrist-control, whatever--you name a likely escape route and you'll be putting a drop in front of it.  3) All takedowns are predicated on shoulder-feel and seek-hand control.  In other words, once you've done the drills you won't choose the takedown, your opponent will.  In a perfect world, I recommend you take the one dozen takedowns and run them through all 3 primary entries for a minimum of 3 5-minute rounds each.  That's a nice start to mastery: 36 Drills & 108 rounds for the Throw-By which can be used in the midst of strikes and as a grappling offensive and defensive tactic.  A mighty versatile too, indeed.  This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.