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RAW 115

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This is a striking-only volume of ESP RAW--on it we explore what I consider the all-you-need-to-know drills of adding cut-ripping and bone-smashing elbows to your pre-existing boxing game.  We present five 2-Point Boxing + Elbow Combinations to get you rolling.  We explain how to cross-equipment train them in a striking pyramid so that you can take 5 drills and turn them into 30.  We then move beyond the basics using nine 3-Pointers for a total of 243 Boxing + Elbow Drills.  These drilling combinations were chosen via 2 criteria:  The first, demonstrably effective use in elite competition (both Professional MMA and Muay Thai contests).  The second, angle variation to educate inserting elbows into your boxing game no matter the opening punch angle or the follow-up elbow angle.  As important as throwing precision elbows in concert with your boxing is, defending the elbow might be more important.  The elbow is a fearsome weapon because they cause more cuts than any other striking tool and thusly more potential fight stoppages.  These drills are constructed in our counter-for-counter manner so that all the while you are building boxing + elbows facility, you are building solid elbow defense in 1/3rd of those drills.  You will learn the Pat defense (and why you shouldn't rely on it as your go-to).  Blocking, and why you might never want to use it except as a last resort.  The Ramp Defense and why it should be your go-to.  And the admittedly hard-to-learn Pat/Lift for eccentric angles.  We've worked hard on this one compiling an easy to use/all-you-need source.  You can use it as a bare-bones 14-Step Drill for basics.  You can go for solid intermediate understanding with a 42 Drill Progression.  Or, you can go for Mastery with 243 Offensive Drills and 200+ Defensive Drills.  This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.