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We see fighters hit the turtle-1/4 position all the time in a defensive scramble and the default escape from here seems to be pulling bottom scissors/guard.  That's a crying shame, as a few weeks of drilling the Pro Sit-Out moves you from turtle to top-position with a submission right in your hands more often than not.  I want to be clear, the Sit-Out we advocate on this volume of RAW is not the collegiate sit-out that you learned in high school--that sit-out uses a hip-heist.  Nothing wrong with a hip-heist sit-out in straight non-sub wrestling, my friends, but once we add the hazard of hooks in chokes that hip heist works against us.  We will run 24 drills on this volume of RAW to help you master and refine the Pro Sit-Out and to get that heist out of your system.  Among the drills covered: A series of solo and under-load drills to master hand position (both the post and belting hands) and the prerequisite knee work that keeps you out of hooks-in danger.  Next, we run 3 drills to build a flawless shoulder roll that blows past 2nd move retentions.  Be scrupulous on these drills, break the post rule and you will be in danger, break the ball rule and those hooks are back in.  Nail the preceding drills and you're ready to start adding some tasty submissions.  Once you have the above material down you will come out with a Single-Wrist Lock every single time.  We'll take that Single-Wrist Lock and turn that into a 3 go-to sub chain to torque that shoulder and crank that neck.  But Mark, what if my sit-out or shoulder roll was lazy or I reverted back to heisting and my opponent threw his hooks in?  Good question, Fake Questioner.  You will use a Sit-Out Go-Behind versus a Hook.  This way you don't have to abandon your wrestling vocabulary and still come out on top.  Now, tight rollers will more than likely attempt to follow your sit-out to shoulder roll--no problem.  We will run 5 adjusted Peterson Roll drills tagged onto our Pro Sit-Out to still get you in top position.  These Peterson are adjusted for the realities of the submission game--pay mighty close attention to the Stutter-Step we use to elastic load our top man so we pop him off the top.  Once you have the adjusted Peterson down, you've got 2 directions to go: to the head or to the hips.  If we go to the head we hit 2 in your hands neck cranks.  If to the hips, we hit Leg Lacing, Top Saddle Mounting, and/or an Inside Toe Hold to inspire.  As I said, 24 drills to get you out of 80% of your turtle--bottom 1/4 position trouble into a position of power.  Use this DVD and printed syllabus to get your game going ASAP.