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DVD - SNAP & POP: The Essentials
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This is a sweet title for all you hardcore wrasslers out there.  Grapplers of all types are familiar with the Collar & Elbow Tie as everybody and his or her uncle wants to reach for that head to start the game.  Let's turn the tables on that opening gambit and show 'em how it's done--it's not about the tie-up, it's about the energy in the head-control.  We run you through 19 aggressive drills on this volume to build your collar control and create one fearsome Head Snap that gets you in position for the Takedown, the Go-Behind, the Ground and Pound, or the Hook.  We'll start out with the Bull Drill that educates how to use the 3 Choke-Points to be aggressive from the get-go.  We'll get into the mechanics of how to make a Head-Snap an actual snap and not a pull-down or a drag-down.  (Hint: If your partner doesn't feel concussed off of your snap, you're not really snapping.)  Once you've got a strong snap you've got 2 directions to hit your Go-Behind, let's make sure you do it right and not get caught up in a leg-defending war, or a bottom-scissors/guard tussle.  A good wrestler can stall your snap at the 1/2 way point--let's work that head and un-stick your snap.  Once we've un-stuck the head you have 2 mighty mean Cranks right in the palms of your hands--we'll drill 'em both.  Here's where it gets interesting, many have a good snap but few have the beautiful ambidexterity of the Cross-Snap.  The Cross-Snap allows lighter/"weaker" fighters to equalize (on this volume, we'll allow my lighter, weaker spouse to demo her concussive Cross-Snap against someone way out of her weight class).  Once we've got Cross-Snap basics down we'll still put it through 5 more drill paces to make it yours.  Still stuck at the 1/2 way point, or you wanna use the snap to set-up the legs?  Let's hit 5-ways to get under his elbow control and once under, let's toss them for good measure.  We'll wrap up the fundamentals with a little drill to flow from Collar and Overhook control.  As I said, 19 drills to get you aggressive at first contact.  Use this DVD and printed syllabus to get your game going ASAP.