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DVD - THE WRESTLER'S GUARD: Vol. 5: Transition to the Wizzer Stand-Up (+ The Leg Bar Quintet)
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We pick up right where we left off on RAW 111--this is a stand alone volume, but you would need to view preceding volumes to discover how we got off of our back into the position of advantage.  Here's a quick rundown of the drills included: All the following will end in a trio of submissions.  The proper mechanics of using a Standing Wizzer to drill your opponent to the mat--it's all about the "twist" and zero to do with the "pull."  Your opponent have good base?  Well, we can address that in a half-dozen ways...We can use a subtle little wizzer hand assist pry to upset his hips.  Want a little more "Oomph" on your drop, then you'll use the Outside Trip assist.  Not enough "Oomph"?  You want his heels skyward as he drops on his noggin right into your Reverse Lever?  Well, then the Power Mule is your ticket to ride.  Still want options?  We hit two more with some hip tosses and standard mules.  Got an opponent who's canny to all our forward drop attacks?  Well, the fearsome Single-Grape Fall-Back will fix that in a cinch as well as bang the hell out of the man who has got to eat a double load of bodyweight as he hits the ground.  There are times when your opponent will limp arm out of your wizzer on the way down--well, just as we used the Head-Pop Triplet to attack the head we will run a trio of go-to Leg Locks (+2 esoteric ones).  1.) The Tombstone Leg Bar  2.) The Pit Bar  3.) The Single & Double-Over Leg Scissors  4.) An Inside Crank for special circumstances &  5.) An In-the-Saddle Inside Heel Hook for the sub junkie.  Back on the feet, if we assume our opponent has so much scramble in his wizzer defense you don't want to compromise your base by taking a foot off of the mat we make the drops more secure by using Single Scoops and Reverse Double Leg Takedowns.  In total, 15 set-ups that lead into 2 Sets of Submission Triplet Plug-In Bad Libs to get your opponent off his feet, slammed to the mat, and hooked on mat contact.  This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.