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DVD - THE WRESTLER'S GUARD: Vol. 4: Shuck & Wizzer Position (Front Headlocks, Gator Chokes, the Top Crossface, Short & Long Slithers)
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What does that too long title mean?  It means we pick up right where we left off on RAW 110--this is a stand alone volume, but you would need to view preceding volumes to discover how we got off of our back into the position of advantage.  Here's a quick rundown of the drills included: Turning a modified 3/4 into a Front Headlock (and vice versa).  How to submit with a Front Headlock, if that's your strong man cup of tea.  For we mere mortals, it is wiser to set up a tight, tight Gator Choke using the Reverse Lever in both a Pre-Load and Post-Load set-up.  Next, we cure Gator Rolls that are stalled due to posting with Elbow Shucks and a Top Crossface.  In case you haven't noticed, a good wrestler ain't gonna let that Gator Roll happen, but seeing as how we've gone to all the trouble of setting it up, we'll demonstrate two drills that exploit the wrestlers' stubborn base and allow you to finish with a Choke/Crank all the same--Roll-free, but your opponent will be broken flat in either case.  Got a strong opponent and you can't roll him or even hit a Shuck or Top Crossface?  That's where Slithers come in.  We'll provide you with two Slither Drills and the Go-Behind Options, or you can stop along the Go-Behind Path and hit the 3 on the journey submissions that may suit your fancy.  25 Drills total for this mighty common Head-to-Head Short Offense/Post-Sprawl position.  This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.