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DVD - THE WRESTLER'S GUARD: Vol. 3: Shuck & Wizzer Position (No Post Control + 1/4 Nelsons & Modified 3/4 Attacks)
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What does that too long title mean?  It means we pick up right where we left off on RAW 108 where we used a 1/4 Nelson to set-up some serious neck-cranking attacks.  This volume is full of some serious submission candy (functional candy at that, which is the best kind.)  We start with a minor tweak on the 1/4 Nelson and spin it into 3 submission attacks.  Then we use an Over-leg Ride (so easy to snag) to make that 1/4 too tight for words before attacking that head, yet again.  Then we drill using the 1/4 Nelson & Over-leg to build a functional Cradle with some serious tap potential.  Next, (here's where the candy starts) you have a stubborn bull-necked opponent fighting your Nelson; he'll wish he hadn't when you hit the Nelson Throw that falls directly into a Reverse Lever after he's been Alley-ooped over the top.  We'll introduce a tweak to the Nelson Throw that means you don't even have to have a Closed Nelson to get the roll to position.  Having trouble even getting your 1/4 Nelson latched?  No worries, the Hell Attack (think of it as a Cross-face from Hades) will pop him over his heels and get you right back to Submission Triplet territory.  Got a cagey opponent who knows how to post and plant to block Nelsons?  The Princeton Bar will change his mind in a hurry.  And if the Princeton Bar doesn't do it, the 2 follow-ups will--the Leg Nelson and the Leg Nelson to Top Saddle Stocks (Note: Please, please, please be very careful with this one.  We debated omitting it for safety, but then quickly remembered we're all consenting adults.  Still, be careful.)  If you run the entire 1/4 Nelson series without subs you get 10 Drills, add the Sub Triplet and you get 30 Drills, but we continue here to show you how to mirror your 1/4 Nelson into a modified 3/4 for even more power and you can then run this volume of RAW for an entire month with its 60 separate Drills.