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There are three hazards to navigate when shooting the legs.: 1-Eating the knee.  2-Losing to a guillotine choke.  3-Slammed underneath a hard sprawl.  ESP 109 seeks to cure what ails you in these three areas to allow you to shoot the legs with utmost confidence.  First, to avoid that knee--shoot with full commitment with proper range.  We've covered that elsewhere and we'll not repeat ourselves here.  Second, to beat that guillotine we will provide you with one simple tool (with a two-part approach) that will kill guillotines whether on the feet or on the mat, arm included or not.  Three, once we have the preceding two concerns out of the way we've got to get into the concept of "second moves" when it comes to beating the sprawl.  First, once we've been sprawled upon we've got a decision to make: try to retain any leg grips we may have, or give it up and let it go.  We'll show you how to look at your knee and let it make the decision for you.  Next, we cover how to use a re-set if your knee decides to "give-up."  Once, we've made the decision to keep our grips, or re-set, there are three primary classes of second moves that are predicated on where your opponents' sprawl weight resides.  If his weight is opposite your head, we provide 5 Far Side Drops to finish our shot.  The weight over the back of your neck, or your far side drops blocked by the cage?  We provide 2 Near Side Drops to get you un-stuck.  Caught underneath a mondo heavy sprawl and  an inch close to bailing?  Hold on, we'll show you how to halve our load (my favorite portion of this material) and use 6 ways to finish tighter than your original double-leg shot.  And last but not least, sometimes our shot is a hair's width from being finished but an ankle pull is all that stands between you and the toss--we'll provide 2 lightening fast answers that render ankle pulls useless.  RAW 109 offers 21 Concepts & Drills to put confidence back into your shots.