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DVD - THE WRESTLER'S GUARD: SHUCK & WIZZER POSITION (with a single post): Vol. 2
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For the overall arc of this DVD series, see the article "The Wrestler's Guard" on the Legends page.

This volume picks up exactly where 107 left off.  We use a Tripod Mule-Kick to assist your wizzer.  We flow back into the Head-Pop Triplet (the 1-2-3 Submission sequence that flows out of this particular position).  We then detour into leg locking land with two dive-thru leg locks for when you've hooked an inside grape vs. strong wizzer opposition.  We then hit the Outside Roll-Thru (my own personal fave on this volume) vs. strong wizzer opposition.  (This is one tight animal once you have instep placement down.)  We drill how you can use the Outside Roll-Thru to blanket ride for ground and pound, or follow with the submission combination.  Next, we stick with our wizzer as it got us off of our back, but we now possess enough base to forgo single-arm attacks and add the second hand.  With this second hand we'll fix stalled wizzers with Far Arm Block & Drives and Far Arm & Tripod Mules both of which lead directly into immediate submission territory. Next, we'll start exploring how that extra hand can be used to "pre-attack" the head...We'll use the Chin-Hook Nelson vs. a heavily exposed neck to gain that tap before your opponent's shoulders hit the mat.  Being realistic, head exposure will normally be shallow and that's where the 1/4 Spike comes into play for a little inspiration.  Once you've combined the presented material with the prescribed submission sequence you have 24 more drills to add to your get off your back and back into the game arsenal.  (This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.)