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DVD - THE WRESTLER'S GUARD: SHUCK & WIZZER POSITION (with a single post): Vol. 1
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For the overall arc of this DVD series, see the article "The Wrestler's Guard" on the Legends page.

We open this series with the operating principles that surpercede the Clean Sweeps material. 1-Reduce shoulder exposure to minimize the weight your opponent tries to make you carry.  2-Transfer your vertical/stand-up wrestling game to the horizontal to hook a corollary tie-up.  3-Use this tie-up to a) Get-Up or b) Sweep.  4-Use the Get-Up or Sweep to dovetail into an immediate submission.  Once we've laid the groundwork (so to speak) we focus on: The specifics of shucking (head targets and likely counter-movement; Using the Wrestler's Kick and the Split-Kick to free the horizontal double; The proper Get-Up posture; The use of a real wizzer as opposed to a mock wizzer (the shoulder tells the tale); The 1-2-3 Submission Combination of The Head-Popping Triplet; Fixing a stalled wizzer with a thigh pry; Two options for an opponent who rides high to beat your aggressive defense.  In a nutshell, this DVD covers the underlying principles for the entire series, and then runs through 20 counter-reaction drills to get you off of your back and back on top out of the way of gravity assisted ground and pound.  (This DVD comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.)