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RAW 106

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We pick up where we left off on ESP RAW 105 and continue to push the under utilized Double-Wristlock (DWL)/Kimura into some sneaky directions.  (This volume can be used as a stand-alone, but it is best used as an adjunct to RAW 105.)  We open this volume stuffing shots with an Over & Underhook that leads right into Arm Included Guillotine territory, but...rather than trying to finish with an Arm Included Guillotine, a submission with a 30% success rate, we'll outline 4 Different Ways to start a DWL/Kimura from this set-up right off of the stuff.  Next, we'll cover the contingency of a failed stuff (i.e. you got caught with a good takedown and have hit  your back).  From here 3 Ways to hook up the DWL/Kimura and none of them call for you sitting up and stretching those ribs out for some punishment.  Next, we'll hook this submission from the top position with crafty set-ups from the top saddle/mount, cross-body, and 1/2 mount-1/2 guard.  We'll also cover how to flow directly into the DWL/Kimura at the tail-end of a rear-naked/sleeper escape.  We finish this volume off with how to fix every single stalled DWL/Kimura in your game with a vicious choke.  (Seriously, you miss the DWL, this choke is there for you.)  RAW 106 is a dirty dozen of immediately applicable drills and skills (24 if you count the fat-saving back-up choke.)