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The Double Wrist-Lock (DWL) or, Kimura to our jiu-jitsu brethren, was a formidable tool at the beginning of the MMA renaissance in the early 1990's, but fight metrics has shown a sharp decline in its effectiveness.  This seems to be due partly to two reasons:  The first reason, is the perception that the submission is a "strong man" move.  There's nothing wrong with strength and if you've go it, use it.  (Krzystof Soszynski, uses both his strength and the DLW quite well.)  But when you have a competitor/coach as esteemed and skilled as Marcelo Garcia eschewing the move because of strength issues there may indeed be something to this evaluation.  The second reason, and this only applies to MMA competitors, is defensive-exposure problems--particularly when the DWL is sought off of the back.  Nothing presents such a tempting target as that line of rib meat as the bottom man sits up to hook his hands.  This volume of RAW takes the strong man problem head-on and introduces some tweaks to setting up the DWL/Kimura that returns this "strong man" move into the mortal strength column.  First, we open with conceptual information: The Holster Principle and why "where" you start your grips in relation to your own body is more important than the grip itself.  The Holster Principle Part II, which states that most DWLs are lost in the tug to position and that contrary counter-intuitive motion is the key.  Next, we use Spinning and Cinching to set the DWL into place as opposed to using our arms to wrassle it into place.  We then hit a brief anatomy redux lecture on the bio-mechanics of how and why this submission works that just may cure much of what ails faulty set-ups.  We then end the conceptual portion with the DWLs mirror-image submission (and no it's not the TWL, but a neck attack).  Mirror-Image submission allows you to run for Attack A to Attack B or vice versa at will.  Once we've wrapped our heads around these strategic issues, it's time to go tactical where we present 11 drills to hook the DWL from numerous angels.  I'm confident that once you drill and hone the principles illustrated you'll see that double wrist-lock creeping back up your own submission pecking order no matter your own level of strength.