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This volume of RAW explores the Greco-Roman Slide-By and how to adapt it to MMA/Submission wrestling.  From the Clinch position you essentially have 4 ways to play the game if you can't get your opponent off of his feet.....

1. Strike--Excellent choice if you are the superior striker, but still risky if you are in neutral position.

2. Turn--Good call if your back is to the cage, but keep in mind it is simply re-orienting a neutral position.

3. The Go-Behind--Works quite well in sub-only, but for MMA the level change might mean you eat a knee.

4. The Slide-By--Think of it as an aggressive, up-rooting go-behind with no level-change required.

We will present the Three Fundamentals of constructing the Slide-By (Shoulder Insertion, the "Uppercut", and the Sumo Step).  We then run through 4 ways to attack with a slide-by in a free clinch (The Body-Lock Slide By, The Over-Under Slide-By, how to hook a Pinch Headlock and then using that Pinch Headlock to hit your Slide-By).  We then take those principles to the Against the Cage position for when you need to get your back off the wall.  In this case we can use the same material but alter it with a change in the firing foot to get you off the cage and behind your opponent.  Next, in our continuing effort to intertwine the principles of how we fight in the vertical and using them for the horizontal so that we have less cognitive choices to make under chaos we run drills to show how to use the Slide-By form the Bottom Scissors/ Guard Position with 6 Variations (3 of which consistently set up subs if you'd like to ditch mid-slide-by).  15 Drills in all to educate this powerful, little used tool.