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Striking coaches, whether they be boxing, kick-boxing, or Muay Thai trainers have a dictum: Smart feet, smart fighter.  Some trainers go so far as to say you can tell the caliber of the fighter by watching the first 30 seconds of a match from the waist down.  Such observations as: "Does the fighter cross their feet when stepping?"  "Do they bounce mistaking emulations of rope-skipping for footwork?"  "Is the rear heel up at all times?  He's punch/kick-loaded at all times."  "Does he move from flat-footed to raised heels?  That heel tells you what's gonna be fired and when."

ESP RAW 103 provides you with a template to educate your feet.  This DVD: Starts at the ground floor and re-builds your stance from the heels up.  (Placing your hips too far to 50% drastically slims your options.)  We then introduce The Footwork Tango, a 24-Step Drill that educates the 14-Primary Parts of striking Footwork.  You can use The Footwork Tango as a whole to build mobility, but it's how we suggest pulling it apart piecemeal that will build the Smarter Fighter.  Once The Footwork Tango is mastered we offer suggestions on how to take any striking drill (offensive or defensive) and shoot it through the various drill parts to truly build educated offensive and defensive ability.  For a long time we've been looking for a way to push the primacy of good footwork while not having it become a chore to do "before you get to the fun stuff."  This drilling method which makes coordinated footwork a part of every session (both striking and on-the-feet grappling) solves that neglected hole in a fighter's education.