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DVD - SWARM Building Effortless Punching
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On this volume we explore in detail the specific mechanics required to radically increase your punching rate, velocity, and power while consuming less energy as you "work" more. We open with a series of 5 Diagnostic Tests that we recommend that you implement before you attack the material/drills that follow. These drills will measure your current punch-rate and relative energy expenditures (via punch counts & pulse BPM). After running the tests we recommend spending 3-days with the 10 Drills/Principles that follow (These include: Weight-Centering, Waist-Leading, the Sprint Start, Elbow Positioning, using correct lifting form to correct our punching--poor elbow placement can mitigate up to 50% of your effort, the Law of Angular Momentum, Chest Thumping, and the "I Before E Rule of Uppercuts.") After your 3-days of drill-work we recommend returning to the Diagnostic Drills. We are seeing an increase of approximately 100 punches per sprint round with corrected form. No one will ever need (hopefully) 240 punch per minute bursts but, once you have the mechanics down applying this move towards less-energy consuming punching will better inform your more reasonable combination numbers giving them more speed and pop all while reducing your energy expenditure.