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DVD - The Naked Reverse Lever Master Class: Vol. 1
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This DVD introduces and refines a woefully under-utilized submission attack--the Naked Reverse Lever.  This is an un-choosy hook meaning that exact placement is not key--it can hit as a choke, neck crank, or a face lock (sometimes a combination of all three).  The Naked Reverse Lever also has the benefit of not requiring the increasingly dangerous gambit of putting hooks-in to finish--in fact, hooks-in will mitigate the power of this submission.  To get you moving up to speed on this formidable submission (and it does hit hard as you'll see on the DVD where we have to tone it down after the first few taps to take care of our partner), we open by stressing the Trinity of Tightening the Reverse Lever Noose (Hand Placement, Crossface Pros/Cons, and Chin as Cinch Concept).  We then demonstrate 1 Drill to build crushing power and 3 Drills to build the hip-fluidity required to pop this sub hard and transition you to the next top position in the event you encounter a strong defense.  Next, we'll start hitting the move by positional reference--2 Entries from the Downed Ground & Pound 1/4 Positon and 1 from Head-to-Head after your Sprawl (the Head-to-Head is very hard for your opponent to read and that's a mighty good thing).  We next apply the Naked Reverse Lever in 5 Combination Pops showing how each direction your opponent moves to shake the sub off lands him in the next stage of the exact same submission.  We then show how to make a natural transition from the Naked Reverse Lever to the Arm-Included Reverse Lever so you can immediately add-on the drills from RAWs 95 & 96.  We close with a Hooks-In version for those well-versed at keeping this position--the grip is the same but the cinch is slightly different (pay close attention to how the long-tail elbow travels and you'll be good to go).