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Words From a Gentleman Warrior.

A member of the RAW Crew who wishes to remain anonymous passed along the following story that he wishes to be shared.
Note: He is ever respectful of his training partners, his kind words regarding the RAW Curriculum are appreciated, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that his accomplishments are all his own.
Mere exposure to material does not imbue one with skill, you must work. This Gentleman Warrior puts the work in.
[Note: The matches were conducted on gi-terms using our no-gi curriculum.]

Hi Mark,

I really appreciate and feel the Solo aspects of all the moves in the RAW Curriculum are very, very important.
There is a new BJJ studio that opened up in town and as per my personality I just had to challenge the instructors to a shootout at the OK Corral, after all they are in MY town. Does no gi grappling even exist anymore? I have a gi and met with them privately to roll since they won’t do no gi.
I was shocked it really seemed I was on auto pilot moving. I seriously rolled from sleepy hands so they could rear mount me I butt scooted so fast and gained top it was wonderful. I broke your rule once and did a bridge and roll when top mounted but felt safe enough to do so. I took snap down go behinds so many times it was not even funny and had the chin locked cranking away off the nelsons. It was fun and a good test, I never did get submitted and they commented that they could not get chokes or any armbars. They struggled with my speed and movement. I say throw as much SOLO stuff in there as you want it really comes out on the mat. If I can drill solo as explosive and fast as I can it is how you learn to move.
I had a blast and will drop into their open mat with my white belt sometimes just to test my skills.
I am a pure RAW grappler been video trained by you and wrestled, fricken awesome!!!

Thanks Mark,

Gentleman Warrior