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RAW benefits include:

  • Multi-Day Conditioning Programs that run on 60-90 Day Cycles to allow us to refresh and re-charge throughout the year in a periodization format.
  • We will blend through General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and Stamina training in 26 different Focus-Cycles from Basic to WTF!
  • Each cycle will have a particular Target Improvement from standard GPP, to Bodyweight-only, to heavy Power & Strength work, to Eccentric-Strength via Unorthodox Work (Slosh-pipes, sandbags, un-equal bars, etc.).
  • Each cycle will begin and end with a benchmark test that will allow you to gauge and mark progress.
  • Each RAW syllabi will include these in-depth monthly training plans as well as video instruction of any unorthodox exercise so we as a crew have a performance standard. (Alternate exercises for Rookies will be offered where necessary.)
  • You will have access to the Private Facebook Group our support/commiseration forum, where you can compare progress and lament a particular day’s training, as in “Just finished today’s ‘Prisoner Hell Hill’ challenge-I hate life.”
  • There will be approximately 22 Training Days per month that break down roughly into twelve 12-Round Combat Training Days and 10-12 GPP/Stamina Days.
  • Each RAW also features training material across all 3 major areas of MMA/Street-work, that is: Striking, Takedowns (Shooting & Clinching), and Groundwork.
  • We will be providing multiple Combat 12-Round Workouts with each RAW built on the Combination Man logical progression premise. A Combination Man/Woman is a double-threat consummate Old School Pugilist & Hard-Core Submission Wrestler.
  • These multi-format RAWs will allow you to quickly hone in on your area(s) of focus (conditioning, striking, shooting, clinching, offensive/defensive groundwork) so that each RAW gives you more bang for your buck whether using them as tools for solo training or as class templates.
  • You will also have the option of receiving either a hard-copy (paper copy) of the monthly RAW syllabi or an electronic copy sent to your device on the day of your subscription payment. [We’re still working on automatic video download-stay patient.]
  • To compensate for this more comprehensive approach the RAW subscription fee will increase accordingly but not for current subscribers or new or returning members in the month of April. Current members are grandfathered in, new and returning folks can hit the present fee during the April grace period.
  • In a nutshell, the new RAW Program will offer the Comprehensive Conditioning and Combat Training Drill approach we’ve laid out, access to the private Facebook forum, access to the No Second Chance (NSC) Street Drill Assignments, and 15% off of all products and services available in our store.
  • Or course, the rubber hitting the road is always the price. You can join or re-join the revised RAW Crew program for the monthly fee of $26.50 per month inside the United States, $36.50 International.
  • The price never goes up for members-in other words, at whatever point you enter the program that is your fee as long as you are member. And, of course, you may quit at any time-there are no contracts. Of course, we think you’ll appreciate the amount of thought that is going into the comprehensive program and will want to stick around.
  • The price bump goes into effect May 1st.
  • We will also honor the “Welcome aboard!” package of 3 additional RAW volumes (of your choice) for free to any new subscriber from now until May 1st.

We’ve been cooking this comprehensive sequenced format for some time and we think you are going to see great strides in approaching the material in this manner.

Onward and upward!

Join the Crew!