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ESP believes that having an understanding of the predator mindset can better ensure prevention and/or survival.  We do not revel in predator profile details for lurid fascination's sake.  We believe knowledge is power and truth is empowering.  We move beyond the simple, insufficient definition of rape as sex without consent, or any other watered-down media depiction of violence against the individual.  We use the details of truth to advocate and elicit a response, an emotional plea for outrage and indignation, and as a stimulus for the seemingly 'extreme" responses that dire situations demand.  Above all, our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims and their families.  Nothing can be done to right these tragedies.  We only hope that this senseless loss of life can educate or motivate others to a safer and predator-free existence.

    "If you think it can't happen to you, you are fooling yourself."

    --Identity Withheld on Request (Rape and Abduction Survivor)

Predator Profile # 1: Thomas Vanda

A regular participant in church activities.  After an adult Bible study meeting, he propositions the woman running the meeting.  She turns him down.  Vanda knocks her down, goes to the kitchen, comes back with a knife, and stabs her numerous times.  As she is dying, he copulates with an open wound in her abdomen and ejaculates.

--Mindhunter; John Douglas and Mark Olshaker

Predator Profile # 2: Alex J. Mengel

On February 24, 1985, Mengel murders Yonkers, New York police officer Gary Stymiloski by shooting him in the head after a routine traffic stop.  Sometime that month, he also murders Beverly Capone, an IBM computer programmer from Mount Vernon, New York.  She was stabbed once in the chest, and her face and scalp were sliced away.  On February 27, 1985, he attempts to abduct a 13-year-old girl delivering newspapers in Syracuse, New York.  Mengel was wearing Beverly Capone's scalp as a wig at the time.

--Hunting Humans; Michael Newton

Predator Profile # 3: John Lawrence Miller

At the age of 15, he murdered 22-month-old Laura Wetzel by luring her into his friend's house and smothering her to death.  Miller said, "I wanted to know how it would feel...but I'm sorry about it now of course."  He was convicted, "rehabilitated," and released after 17 years.  Upon returning home, he shoots and kills both of his parents.

--Hunting Humans; Michael Newton

Predator Profile # 4: Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker and Roy Lewis Norris

Plotted to kidnap, rape, and murder teenage girls "for fun."  Planned to kill at least one girl of each "teen" age--from 13 through 19--and to record the events on tape and film.  In November of 1978, Bittaker obtained a van he dubbed "Murder Mack."  On June 24, 1979, 16-year-old Linda Schaeffer vanished following a church function, never to be seen again.  Joy Hall, 18, disappeared without a trace in Redondo Beach, California, on July 8.  Two months later on September 2, Jacqueline Lamp, 13, and Jackie Gilliam, 15, were lost while thumbing rides in Redondo Beach.  Shirley Ledford, 16, of Sundland, was the only victim recovered by authorities.  Abducted on October 31, she was found the next morning in a Tigunga residential district.  Strangled with a coat hanger, she had first been subjected to "sadistic and barbaric abuse" with her breasts and face mutilated, arms slashed, and her body covered with bruises.  Bittaker and Norris would drive up alongside their victims, spray them with Mace, and then pull them into the van where they would be tied with duct tape.  They used the radio to drown out the screaming.  They would then drive the victims to an isolated mountain road where the rape and murder would take place.  All the murders were tape-recorded and photographed "for fun."  Bittaker and Norris are linked to possibly 30 or 40 other victims.

--Hunting Humans; Michael Newton

Predator Profile # 5: Carl H. Drew

A Massachusetts pimp and self-styled Satanist.  He ritually murdered Donna Levesque, Karen Marsden, and Robin Murphy.  The details of Marsden's torture follow.  She had her hair and fingernails ripped out.  She was beaten over the head with stones before Drew manually snapped her neck.  He persuaded his girlfriend to slash Marsden's throat, after which he removed her head which they then kicked around like a football.  Marsden's fingers were lopped off in an effort to steal her rings.  Drew raped the headless corpse, carved an "X" on its chest, and smeared Marsden's blood on his girlfriend's forehead.

--Hunting Humans; Michael Drew

Predator Profile # 6: Erno Soto

Erno Soto was also known as "Charlie Chop-off" for his penchant for severing his victims' penises.  He preyed on young black males.  First was Douglas Owens, eight years old, who was stabbed 38 times in the neck, chest, and back.  His penis was slashed but still attached by a bloody flap of skin.  The second murder victim was a 10-year-old black male who was stabbed in the back and neck.  His penis was sliced off and removed from the scene.  Wendell Hubbard, nine years old, was stabbed 17 times in the neck, chest, and abdomen.  His penis removed and carried from the scene.  Luis Ortiz, a nine-year-old, dark-skinned Puerto Rican, was stabbed 38 times in the neck, chest, and back.  His penis, severed and missing, was found in a basement a block away.

Predator Profile # 7: Larry Singleton

In 1997, Larry Singleton raped and stabbed to death Roxanne Hayes.  This was not his first violent offense.  He had abducted and raped 15-year-old Mary Vincent.  He then beat her senseless and used a hatchet to reduce her arms to stumps at the forearms to prevent fingerprint identification of the body.  He then threw her armless, battered, nude body down a mountainside.  Mary Vincent survived.  She made her way back up a treacherous incline, armless, and staggered for two miles down a desolate road for help.  She lived to testify against Singleton.
Predator Profile # 8: Mitchell Carlton Sims and Ruby Carolyn Padgett

Sims dubbed himself "The Human Ashtray" for his habit of stubbing out cigarettes on his bare chest.  He and his girlfriend Padgett had a hatred for Domino's Pizza restaurants.  On December 3, 1985, Sims invaded the Domino's in Hanahan, South Carolina, where he had recently worked and tortured the two on-duty employees before shooting them execution-style.  On December 10 in Glendale, California, he and Padgett lured a Domino's delivery man, John Harrington, to their motel room where he was stripped, gagged with a washcloth, and drowned in the bathtub.  Sims donned the dead man's uniform, returned to the restaurant, looted the safe, and bound the two remaining employees.  He locked them in a freezer, bound in such a way that they had to stand on tiptoe to avoid hanging themselves.
Predator Profile # 9: Harold Glenn Smith

On August 14, 1985, 19-year-old Dennis Madler's body was found in a Houston cemetery.  Before death, he had been beaten, slashed with knives, had one eye gouged from the socket, and had his hair burned down to the scalp.  His teeth had been hammered out.  Smith was a 19-year-old leader of Satanists.  Before Madler's murder, he shot and killed 16-year-old Wayne Schubert and proudly displayed the body to his girlfriend.  Smith is also linked to the slashing of a motorist who had picked him up hitchhiking, another stabbing death in Houston where he displayed the body to friends, and a "Jane Doe" murder in 1986.
Predator Profile # 10: Alvin and Judith Ann Neelley

Husband and wife murder team with 15 attributed "kills."  The following is the description of only one of their kills.  The first documented victim was 13-year-old Lisa Millican, abducted on September 25, 1982, from a shopping mall in Rome, Georgia.  She was held prisoner for several days and repeatedly raped and molested in seedy motel rooms while the Neelley children looked on.  Judith attempted to murder Millican by injecting he with drain cleaner.  She repeatedly missed the vein and hit muscle, reducing Lisa's flesh to what a coroner would call "the consistency of anchovy paste."  After living through several more agonizing injections, she was driven to Little River Canyon in Alabama and injected several more times before being "finished" by gunshots.

--Hunting Humans; Michael Drew

One in four individuals will be touched by violent crime in their lifetime.  ESP and all the other integrity-minded instructors out there are committed to changing that statistic, but the reality is that we can't.  What we can do is reduce your odds of becoming that one in four.  And if you do become that one, we want to help you survive by giving you the most viable information we can.  Please read the quote at the beginning of this section and be proactive.  Take steps to a safer existence for you and your loved ones.  Whether you decide to use ESP to meet these needs or another empirically tested system of self-protection, ESP instructors wish you a safe and long life.