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In Gratitude ESP would like to thank the following individuals and/or entities that have influenced its research, either directly or tangentially, and for their ripple effect upon the world of personal protection, Western Combat Arts, and the Empirical Mindset.

Muhammad Ali, Stephen B. Acunto, Otto Arco, Walt Bayless, Ned Beaumont, Tony Blauer, George Bothner, Martin "Farmer" Burns, Tommy Burns, David Buss, Earl Caddock, Dick Cardinal, Warwick Cairns, Georges Carpenter, Michael Castleman, Tony Cecchine, John Chaffee, Joe Choynski, Geoff Colvin, John Commuta, "Gentleman Jim" Corbett, Bernard J. Cosneck, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Cus D'Amato, Barry Davis, Richard Dawkins, Jack "The Nonpareil" Dempsey, Jack Dempsey, John Dewey, Roberto Duran, Dean Edell, James Figg, Bob Fitzsimmons, Nat Fleischer, Joe Frazier, Matt Furey, Michael Galvin, The Great Gama, Kid Gavilan, John Gilbey, Franck Gotch, Karl Gotch, Renzo Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Steve Grody, George Hackenschmidt, Edwin L. Haslett, Scott Helvenston, Thomas Inch, Michael Janich, Jim Jefferies, Tom Jenkins, Paul Joannides, Jack Johnson, "Gentleman John" Jackson, John Jesse, Eric Knauss, Knowledge Products, Paul Kurtz, Alan Lachica, Marco Lala, Sam Langford, Gene LeBell, Bruce Lee, Ed "Strangler" Lewis, Jay Conrad Levinson, Earle Leiderman, Joe Louis, Walt Lysek, Jr., Rocky Marciano, William Martell, Kid McCoy, Peter McWilliams, Barry Meadows, Bob Mee, William Meller, M.D., Daniel Mendoza, Milo of Crotona, Archie Moore, Desmond Morris, William Muldoon, Tad Murphy, Mark Mysnyk, Battling Nelson, Michael Newton, Paladin Press, Floyd Patterson, Willie Pep, John Pesak, Steven Pinker, Dion Riccardo, Ringside Boxing, Sugar Ray Robinson, Marco Ruas, Carl Sagan, Kazushi Sakuraba, Ad Santel, Charles Roy Schroeder, August Sepp, Ben Sherman, Michael Shermer, Vic Short, Edgar Silute, Brooks Simpson, Sanford Strong, Bert Randolph Sugar, John L. Sullivan, Gary Taubes, Lou Thesz, Jay "Champ" Thomas, Threat Response Solutions (TRS), Tracks Publishing, George Tragos, Gene Tunney, Mike Tyson, the U.S. Navy SEAL's, Paul Vunak, "Jersey Joe" Walcott, Adam Walsh, Doug Werner, Billy Wicks, Jimmy Wilde, Robert Wright, Igor Yakimov, and Chris Yeanos.

Special thanks go to the true heroes on the frontline of victim aid: All emergency medical technicians, law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, victim counselors, victim's rights groups, and women's sexual assault centers.  We apologize to any individuals or entities we may have missed, but trust that our respect is there and your influence is appreciated.

Ultimately, our greatest teachers are the ones we regret acknowledging, the victims and the survivors, the individuals who have perished or suffered great losses to the predators of the world.  Their suffering and personal loss have provided the data that we use to hopefully save other lives.  In a perfect world, we would gladly run out of these teachers, but the reality is that we won't.  Our sympathies go out to the victims and their families.