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By using a combination of ESP product, video-evaluation correspondence, e-mail, and phone consultation we are now able to advance your training in a systematic manner even in cases where one-on-one interaction is, well, a remote possibility.

The optimum method for obtaining peak results in your ESP training is via private sessions with a Certified ESP Coach, but his Remote Program provides an efficient and effective substitute.

I will first set forth the program and its principles and then delineate the instructor designations. (One does not have to pursue instructorship to participate in the remote training program. You can train for your own benefit, for the potential to instruct and/or to supplement income.)

"A very practical and easy-to-learn course in "scientific defense." If you can't defend yourself using the techniques learned, then you aren't practicing. I'm coming back as long as ESP is teaching."
--Frank Gaiter, Police Officer


First, you come aboard at the Membership Option of your choice (Annual or Lifetime).

Next, we phone and/or e-mail consult to fine-tune what your particular goals are.

Based on this consultation we then choose from any available ESP products of interest to pursue the particular aspect(s) of Western Martial Arts that you most want to master the MMA Program, the No Second Chance (Survival) Program, or the inTENS (Conditioning) Program, or any combination you desire.


You will use any and all RAW Volumes that feature the Down & Out/Bad Libs format. Choose one volume to master at a time. Once you have that volume up to speed you will provide an Evaluation Video that includes the following:

1. You instructing the chain, in detail, in a link-by-link manner as if we have never seen the material.

2. You building/executing the chain, link-by-link in a 1-minute round per added link manner, at medium tempo.

3. One 5-minute round of you executing the chain in full-gear at full tempo with heavy contact (zero stops/zero rest--all out).

This will allow us to examine your competency in communicating the material, performing the material, and working the material under fire.


This program has six tiers.:


2. THE VOCABULARY--NSC unarmed vocabulary and drills vs. unarmed attacks (static and fluid).

3. "X" WEAPON SYSTEM--Environment as weapon and defense against weapons--the "X" is both an unknown variable and a movement pattern.

4. THE OUTER LIMITS--Chaos and entropy drills.

5. FLIGHT--Focusing on the 2nd word in the Fight or Flight dictum. We strive to supply a pragmatic vocabulary of movement/evasion skills to this ignored area.

6. FIRE DRILLS--Environment specific plans--car jacking scenarios and the like.

Tier One requirements are satisfied with the completion of a phone interview and a passing grade on our book of "Homework Assignments."

Tier Two is satisfied with either video evaluations of the material in the MMA Program's 1-2-3 protocol, or completion of an NSC Boot Camp.

Tier Three--Same requirement as Tier Two.

Tier Four is where the rubber meets the road. This certification is only issued after completion of a full 2-day NSC Boot Camp.

Tier Five follows the protocol of Tiers Two & Three.

Tier Six is completed with a passing grade on the final book of "Homework Assignments."

Also visit our No Second Chance section.



All students who enter the program are designated Apprentice Coaches (Coaches in Training). At this level you are not sanctioned to teach.


An Associate Coach is an individual who has mastered a large portion of the ESP material and is sanctioned to teach that material at the club/school/seminar level. This is an income generating designation.


This designation implies that an individual has both mastered ESP product material and has made efforts to supplement their training with one-on-one training sessions. Assistant Coaches, in addition to the physical material, are given access to ESP material on the subject of student motivation, self-marketing, and other research tools pertinent to the field of study.


This designation shows that the student has moved through the preceding levels and has made every effort to pursue the Western methodology in a diligent manner and has demonstrated excellent mastery of the physical material and has also demonstrated admirable teaching skills in the promotion and training of the material to other students.

"Training with Mark Hatmaker in Edged Weapons courses brought to light what a lot of instructors do not know when confronted with a knife. Most instructors believe that he attacker is going to come at you with one thrust and that you are going to deliver a single strike and render the attacker helpless. That type of thinking will get some killed. Instructors need to wake up and invest some time in training with Mark Hatmaker and the ESP staff."
--Samuel Day, Training Officer-Corrections


How long does it take to move through levels? The answer is, "It depends on the individual." Apprentice Coach designations are available from Day 1 and Associate Coach level can be attained in as little time as 1 year. Head Coach level, in a diligent individual, is possible in 4 to 5 years (that's presuming a lot of effort has been put forth.) The best speed at which to attain the different levels is that which is best for you. Do not attempt to compete with others. Only strive to better yourself. You are your own best opponent.

Are there tests? Each material review is treated as a test. And each Coaching designation will call for harsher standards. The attainment of the next level of Coach is up to the reviewer. The mere completion of 1 or 2 product units does not mean you move to the next level. It is a combination of units that leads the way.

Are there syllabi for each level? Each RAW is accompanied by a syllabus and each level above Apprentice has a Master Syllabus as an overview to what is to be mastered during that time. (You may, of course, use other ESP products in addition to or instead of RAWs.) These syllabi are meant to be included in your training notebook so that you may have easy access to all previously learned material and material yet to be conquered.

When may I teach ESP material? Once you attain Associate Coach level you are sanctioned to teach the material that you have mastered. All that is asked is for you to promote the source of the material (ESP); also, it is appreciated if an effort is made to host seminars.

Are there belts for each level? No belts. Western Combat Arts have no tradition of belts, more a tradition and respect for knowledge and effort. Your designation comes in the form of a certificate and a listing on our website and in future ESP products so that interested parties can contact the best training source nearest them.

"This was the best training I have ever received. It's simple, hands-on training that really works. It is stuff that you can use on the street without having to refer to a manual during the confrontation. I would recommend this course to anybody."
--John Nicholson, Police Officer


The Remote Training Option can be pursued annually or as a Lifetime Member. Coaching Conferences are only available to members.

The Coaching Conference Fee covers: tape review time, coaching notes, and a one-on-one phone consultation plus certificate and database listing upon unit completion.


This option is $121 and immediately provides you with an Apprentice Coach Certificate, a rate of only $30 per coaching Conference, and 15% off of each ESP product for life. (The 15% discount is only for products obtained directly from ESP and not from our marketing partners.)


This option is $51 per year. This option immediately provides you with an Apprentice Coach Certificate, a rate of $40 per Coaching Conference, and 10% off of each ESP product during the year of activation. (The 10% discount is only for products obtained directly from ESP and not one of our marketing partners.)

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the Remote Training Program or Certification or if you would like to go ahead and get started.

"Money well spent. I'll be back for the next ESP Seminar. This training makes up for the lack of continued training that police departments don't provide. It was straightforward and to the point."
--Ben Duran, Police Officer


The following information will provide breakdowns of price and content of the varieties of one-on-one training opportunities available through ESP. The choice of material covered in all of the options is at the discretion of the student so that we may best serve your particular needs. We will provide syllabi of covered material, where available, for inclusion in your ESP Training Notebook. Each session may also be an opportunity for Instructor Certification. We also provide a free follow-up Phone Consultation in the coming weeks to tighten covered material, and in the case of our visiting guests we attempt to locate economical and comfortable lodging, if desired.

We currently have four options. Private Lessons, Boot Camps, Seminars, and the recently added, Pitch An Adventure Seminars.


Private Lessons are a one-on-one training opportunity in which you spend one hour covering any subject(s) of your choice.

The cost is $75 per hour.

You are able to further defray your cost by having a partner join you in your Private session. The base price remains the same, but there is a $10 add-on per hour for each additional individual. Example: 2 individual training for 1 hour would cost $85 for that hour.


$450 for 1 day (anything up to 8 hours) + Hotel Room for any location within 300 miles.
$550 for 1 day (anything up to 8 hours) + Hotel Room for any location within 300-500 miles.
$400 for 1 day (up to 8 hours) + Hotel & Round Trip Airfare for 2 for anything over 500 miles.
Add a second day for ½ Price.
Use our Adventure Protocol for deep discounts.
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[Seminar Fees to Paid in US Dollars]


If you have a river you think we’d like to raft, a desert to walk across, a mountain to hike, a mud race that tickles our fancy-contact us to see if it’s up our alley.
If so, you can earn steep discounts on Seminars for coupling your seminar with a little excursion—Even deeper discounts if you and your crew act as guides (not mandatory, just mentioning that fellowship is always more fun).

The seminar host provides round-trip airfare for two and hotel accommodations in advance. (The airfare condition is waived for seminars within reasonable driving distance with the proviso of additional $100 for travel expenses.) ESP provides template promotional materials to assist in the marketing and advertising of your seminar. The seminar's content and pricing is up to the host. ($500 is to be pre-paid 14 days prior to the scheduled event.)


If you'd like to host a seminar and save yourself some bucks off of the standard fees in the process--if you've got an Adventure Race in our area, a rock you think I'd like to climb, a river you think I want to raft, a hike you think I just need to take, a desert I've not run on, you get the idea--pitch your adventure and school location. If the adventure appeals and the logistics are right, we offer greatly reduced fees to come to your school and play with your crew before we go play at your Adventure Pitch. BTW--You and your crew are welcome to attend the adventure, as a matter of fact, we'll knock off even more bucks for this sort of hands-on guiding. So, you got some adrenaline in your neck-of-the-woods and want to train? Feel free to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots gesch├╝tzt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! and we'll see what happens.

If you desire further information and/or would like to book any of the above options just contact us at (865) 679-1223 or Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots gesch├╝tzt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

"I'm completely convinced! The ESP agenda is the real deal. The basic approach will make one a better person and certainly more secure and aware. The ESP seminar was well thought-out and fun. The ESP no-nonsense approach is the only way to go!"

--Justin Mount, Farmer