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RAW 176

RAW 176
The Tiger Man Arm-Bar & Catch-Grip Solutions Vol. 1
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RAW 176
The Tiger Man Arm-Bar & Catch-Grip Solutions Vol. 1

One-John “The Nebraska Tiger Man” Pesak was one bad hombre of a catch-wrestler, a true hooker. His go-to most-feared move was his tenacious leg-scissors.
Two-The arm-bar is the second-winningest submission in competition, strict grappling or MMA.
On RAW 176, we take a page out of the Tiger Man’s book and apply his vaunted tactic to this top-tier submission to create a new hardier animal The Tiger Man Arm-Bar.

Contents of RAW 176
•    We open by completing the initial Cross-Body submission chain from RAW 175. We hit Trunk-Catches & Kick-Overs that land us right in Tiger Man territory.
•    We run a series of drills both solo and partner to build up our Leg-Scissors facility and discuss why it might be mighty important to adopt this tactic in today’s evolved game.
•    Next we discuss “Catch-Grips” the primary go-to tactic to stop an armbar.
•    And with the arm-bar being such a primary weapon we should have deep wells of answers to catch-grips in all of their manifestations.
•    We will cover Stacked & Sleeper Wristlocks for rulesets that allow them.
•    Then we begin a deep chain that covers scenarios where gripping the hand/glove are not allowed.
•    Among them: Hi-Lo Tombstones, Elbow Slides, & Top & Bottom Tillers.
•    Next, we’ll move to the elbow and arm crooks to apply all versions of Elbow Wrenches & Loops.
•    Then Post-Twists and Shoulder Poppers.
•    Then we move into leg Locks as Spurs or Combination submissions to stack onto your arm bar including: Weaved Hip Cranks, Near & Far-Side Ankle Grinders and a sneaky Navy Ride variant.

20+ Tactics and Drills to bring the Tiger Man’s prowess to this go-to tool.
FYI: RAW 177 addresses the Short-Arm Scissors series, and submission follows for the 4 Primary Arm-Bar escapes.
[Be advised that I am lolling in the sand and surf until June 12th and that there will be a delay in shipment until my return. Thanks in advance for your patience!]