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RAW 097

DVD - The Front Headlock: Vol. 1
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The Front Headlock, a long-versatile tool in wrestling, was rarely thought of as a submission to most until Matt Hughes used it to put the very skilled Ricardo Almeida to sleep in UFC 117.  This RAW breaks down the Front Headlock into it's constituent parts to make this submission work for you; as without a few of the key details, frustration may set in.  Among those details...Where your weight must be applied (pick the wrong side and your are reversed; post wrong and the set-up off of a stuffed takedown will end in a successful takedown for your opponent).  The Twin Keys of Head Turn and Extension Level--again, without these and you've got a schoolyard Headlock with nothing on it.  You'll drill the 1-2-3 Arm Inclusion Drill to get the trapped arm into position (The Hand-Off, the Shuck, and Matt's own very patient Head-Block).  Next, you will drill Elbow Position to foil the natural counters.  Then we hit the Second Extension Step--vital, don't burn your energy until the 2-Extentions have been set.  And the key that frustrates most Front Headlock finishes is attacking shoulder placement--you've got to define which shoulder is attacking and then where you place that shoulder is essential--every position but the sweet spot is nothing but an exercise in lactic acid build-up and no tap.  And lastly, you will review 2-Ways to Finishes; that last step--one for mondo-powerful athletes (Mr. Hughes is in that class, of course) and one for the rest for us mere mortals that will do the trick every time.  All of this is just the foundation work to build facility with the submission in isolation.  We then shoot the Front Headlock through 10 Set-up and Entry Drills to give you solid functional applications.  You can use this volume of RAW in isolation or combine it with the previous 2 volumes on the 3/4 Nelson Reverse Lever for a powerful 1-2 submission punch.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.