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RAW 093

DVD - Clinch Master Class: Arm Drag Inside & Out
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The Over-Under Clinch is the #1 Tie-Up in MMA and offensive/defensive control of this position is vital.  More often than not, Clinch knowledge begins and ends with Pummeling and perhaps a Hip-Toss or two in the vocabulary with a few Knees added for spice, but au contraire, there is so much more to this position beyond these rudimentary skills and this volume aids growing that foundation.  Right up front, this material is not for beginners--you should already have a good grounding in Clinch work before tackling these drills.  We open with why you must "own" the Clinch.  The Over-Under is a neutral 50/50 position unless, or until one fighter exerts his will/skill over the other.  We spend very little time discussing how to own the Clinch from the inside or how to Pummel as most all fighters understand inside control (Underhooks/Body Locks) we want to get to the meat of Clinch Control which is what to do when you meet resistance (and let's face it; a Clinch is resistance).   We take 3 Arm Drag Drills and optimize them for MMA--Arm Drags must be altered from how they are done in the strike-free version--you will get hit without the alterations; no ifs, ands, or buts.  Next, we show how to blend these same Arm Drag Drills into Combination Drag Drills.  (It is also the combination of technique and not individual technique that bears fruit.)  Once we have this process out of the way, we demonstrate the details of Hand-Fighting Inside the Clinch and how this moves directly into opening the Clinch into the Outside line giving you free reign to attack with either strikes or subs.  These opening lines will put you directly into a Russian Tie-Up (Outside 2-on-1) (the hand control practically forces the position) and here we devote more time to a change in Head-Position.  This change in Head Position is essential; without it you get caught in the pas de deaux of two fighters spinning for control, or you are cold-cocked with a free hand, or more embarrassingly fall prey to the easy shot (we demonstrate all of these counters to the standard Outside 2-on-1).  The Head Position tweak in addition to the Arm Drag Drills and the Clinch Drills that allow them to coalesce inside the Clinch will move your Clinch game from a 3/4 trick pony to a whole new beast.  I'm obviously partial to the work we do, but I will say that I personally find this Dozen Drill Set integral for the intelligent fighter who recognizes that the devil is in the details.  These Dozen Drills will give you that detailed devil plus a few demons for assist.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.