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DVD - Triangles Vol. 2: Playing the Angles: Part 1
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Here we begin applying the formidable Figure-4 Choke/Crank (the Triangle) from a variety of unpredictable angles.  There is no reason that this powerful attack should be limited to back work.  We run this attack through 15 different variations in a point by point positional breakdown with attention paid to the hierarchy of utility.  Attacks covered include: Single-Hook Back Triangles (3 varieties) proving this is a formidable attack versus a Sprawled Shot, we then follow that with Triangle Attacks as a defense against your opponents Low Single Shot (3 varieties).  For those tight wrestlers out there, we know the most efficient version of the High-Single is the Head-to-the-Inside so we attack his smarter attack with 6 links in the Triangle Chain.  15 Triangle Attacks with detailed set-up analysis + a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.