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DVD - Triangles Vol. 1: Elementary Geometry
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This volume is the first in a short series that examines in-depth this powerful leg attack brought to the Western World's attention by Ed "Strangler" Lewis back in 1916.  We start with the fundamentals: the 3 Angles, Short & Long Tail Theory, and the Short Tail Tweak (this is the game-changer, right here).  We then break-down the Hands-Free Drill to educate the Leg-Runging, Hip Lift, and getting "Perp" necessary for a tight finish.  We then hit 4 Under-Hook Drills to tighten perpendicular movement and to assist triangle follows.  Next, we look at Triangle Enhancers, hand-on assists to pop that head off in far, medium, and close range.  Next, the 1-2 of natural combinations and we close with the Triangle Continuum, the 6-Triangle links in order of utility including the seldom used, but still mighty tight Single-Leg Triangle.