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RAW 148

Bottom Scissors Threats: Arm Bar Chases #3
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Bottom Scissors Threats: Arm Bar Chases #3

This volume is all back-work. Yes, I know as wrestlers and/or street practitioners we do not want to be on our backs. What we do here is continue or short series of volumes that is designed to make you as aggressive as a rabid wolverine off of your back on the premise that this will allow you to hook a sub, or open get-up opportunities rather than play a passive lay and pray game.
[This volume is meant to be drilled alongside RAW 146 & 147 and picks up where those left off.]
This volume includes:
•    5 Submission/Sweep Responses to the Head-Grip Stack.
•    We'll hit Near-Side Cutters, Coil Locks, Coil Sweeps, Knee Bars, & Knee Bar Sweeps.
•    Next we'll run a long-series versus the standing stack-we'll open it with Far Under-hooking as a last resort to your arm bar.
•    Then we'll fight that standing stack even if we've lost the arm bar with a long chain of leg lock threats.
•    We'll open these leg lock threats with 3-Drills to Develop the Toe-Hold.
•    We'll then drill the Leg Weave to make this awkward dog an easy go-to.
•    We'll then begin using the Leg weave as a Bail-Out, but...
•    We can also bail directly into a Dog Leash Toe-Hold, or a Heel Hook, or a Knee Bar, or a Knee Bar Bail-Out, or a Step-Over Knee Scissors.--Trust me this is one fun chain to have down cold!
•    And last but not least we'll close out this volume with a sneaky trick versus the opponent who blocks your arm bar with a closed-catch-grip. They'll wish they hadn't.
•    20+ Drills and Subs on this volume, Leg-Locking Heaven for you Hip-Down Wizards.
This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.