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DVD - Refining the Double-Leg Dive
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This in-depth volume breaks the old-school Double-Leg Dive down into great detail to show that what is commonly thought of as a Double-Leg Takedown is actually a Single-Leg with an assist.  We begin with "fixing" back-step and penetration step errors (lateral loads and mechanical efficiency will boost speed and power).  Two drills to build speed, bridging the gap power, and a set-up are then augmented with a shooting-kettlebell drill that will hone your load-efficiency in a single-session.  The importance of the Brawny Hand (the one that does the work) and the Intelligent Hand (the one that appears to do the work, but is actually a defensive tracker) are illustrated.  Next, we run the Single-Knee Down version of the Double-Leg Dive through a similar drill spectrum to maximize our efficiency (Single-Knee Leg Dives are all about rear-knee load and the weighted drills will illustrate this point in a single round).  We then hit the Double-Knee version of the Double-Leg Dive which is a momentary transition phase and again uses several drills to maximize speed and mechanical efficiency on the lift.  Again, a kettlebell drill combined with the shoot will make proper loading apparent and we will introduce how to use Olympic Bar Pop-Ups to educate how to return to the feet, not with a step-up, but with an explosion.  We end with a back-up move for when you are caught beneath a tight sprawl and are losing the "Intelligent Hand"--the Sit-Thru will become your Jab-Cross of the Double Leg-Dive and cure most of what goes wrong with a failed shot.  14 drills in all to refine the most important of lower-body shots.