Greetings One & All!

The Vale Alliance is a co-venture between Coach Kris Iatskevich and myself. Now, if you are reading this chances are you already know me, and surely you know Coach Kris, but if you don’t, allow me to introduce him-

You might know him from his ISWA days, he is also a head coach for the Canadian Combat Wrestling Association, and he is also a coach for Canada Wrestling.
Beyond that accreditation allow me to say he is also one of the most skilled and honorable gentlemen I’ve had the privilege to share a mat with.
With that out of the way, Kris and I have decided to put together a co-project, one that reflects our loves not only for the combat sports of boxing and wrestling in all its forms, but one that embodies our “back deck conversations,” about what it means to walk the path of honor, what it means to transcend the trite silly politics and needless dramas that the world sometimes seems to lose itself in.

We wanted to create an organization that fit that bill that focused not only on the physical aspects of our beloved combat sports, but also the mental and spiritual fiber of what it means to be good men and good women.
We want to foster excellent athletes with enviable character.

First, why this name in particular? I think Alliance is pretty easy to get our heads around-Kris and I have allied with one another, and it is our hope to bring you and other like-minded spirits into the fold to create a hard-charging cadre of mat-tempered, character-driven athletes the world over. We do not want the alliance to mean only him and me, but you as well.

As for the word “Vale”- The word Vale was a common closing to letters exchanged among military leaders and statesmen of a Stoic disposition at the height of the Roman Empire. Since it was a closing it has come to be thought of as the equivalent of “Farewell” or “Goodbye.”


In historical context the word meant more than that. Vale (the “a” and “e” are pronounced long) is the imperative form of the word valere which means be strong, or be well.
With context in mind, to close your communication with vale, you weren’t simply adding a rote “Goodbye, take it easy Petronius” you were exhorting your reader/listener to be strong, to be well, and, perhaps most importantly, to be worthy.
This is a word in dire need of resurrection, not for the mere pleasure of pronouncing it, but for the privilege of living up to its imperative.

Hence The Vale Alliance

On to the nuts and bolts of The Vale Alliance.

  • It will begin as a Members-Only Forum set to go live November 6th.
  • In this forum each week Kris and I will post Instructional Video clips, Workouts of the Day (WODs), historical pieces on the twin arts of old school boxing and wrestling, and the occasional piece on what it means to walk the Vale life.
  • Members are encouraged to interact, post their own WOD challenges, post their own videos (not other’s clips-The Vale Alliance respects property rights), promote their own events, and offer their own reflections on the life Vale.
  • Note: To reflect the spirit of Vale, no comments or posts that do not reflect the ethic of being worthy will be permitted. Such comments will be removed, the membership will be cancelled, and the worthy will continue unsullied by silliness.
  • In the future The Vale Alliance will offer clothing merchandise, seminars, DVDs, etc.
  • All Vale Alliance Members in addition to access to the forum will receive a 15% discount on all items purchased in The Vale Alliance store and that same discount will apply in our individual stores-Coach Kris’ products and any of my own Extreme Self Protection/RAW Products.
  • Vale Alliance members also receive a discount on seminar fees.
  • In the future we will assemble Vale Alliance Certification standards for promotion.
  • Vale Alliance members will also receive a listing and opportunity for contact information to direct students/clients to your school or club.

Rubber hitting the road time, how much is this going to cost?
$10 bucks a month USD payable via PayPal as a recurring subscription. You may cancel at any time and forum access and discounts expire upon cancellation.

Note: All dues-paying RAW Crew Members get into The Vale Alliance absolutely free. That goes for long-time members, new members, and members yet to be. Vale Alliance membership is yet another premium to joining the RAW Crew.

Coach Kris and I are very excited about this venture and hope to see many like-minded athletes join us on the Vale journey.
Are you one of the strong? One of the worthy?



About Jim Marx

Contributing Vale Alliance Coach Jim Marx has trained people from all walks of life and ability levels. He has got people from a rehabilitation situation to their first 5K. He has extensive experience coaching athletes for marathons, triathlons, and mixed martial arts events. With a deep military background he has coached seasoned athletes, military personal, and police officers in the appropriate Combatives needed. Jim is one high-speed, low-drag lean and mean gentleman with fitness coaching chops to burn, and combatives experience to make you wiser and safer.






Contributing Coach Kylie Hatmaker is the author of She’s Tough a manual of hardcore motivation and physical conditioning for hard-charging women (and the men who can keep up with them.) She has been training Boxing & Wrestling for over half a decade and is an ardent obstacle course runner.


Contributing Coach Misty Shearer: “Over the years of training in BJJ I have found by keeping an open mind and open to learn from everyone has made my BJJ game better. Adding ESP Raw Techniques/Catch Wrestling to my BJJ game has made my submissions better and more deadlier.
Kettlebells my second love, Kettlebell workouts are quick and intense, they have kept me strong.

Honors in Brief
Brazilian Jiu Jisu 1st Degree Blackbelt under Brazil 021 Hannette Staack & Andre Terencio
ESP Raw Coach

Some Highlights:
2015 Masters World Champion Blackbelt Heavyweight & Absolute
2013 Pan Am Bronze Medal Blackbelt
2010 Abu Dhabi North American Trail Winner Blackbelt

Kettlebell Sport
Master of Sport in Longcycle
Candidate of Master of Sport - Snatch & Biathlon
Multi - Canadian Record Holder