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Great Escapes

Great Escapes
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(6+ hours) This material supersedes our previous ESCAPES titles with a truly encyclopedic focus on Submission and Position Escapes, Counters, Reversals, and Stalemates.  It is ideally interlocked with BUSTING THE LEGS and CLEAN SWEEPS.  This material introduces escapes according to positional reference maps, provides ABC templates using the Hierarchy of Utility, emphasizes escape chaining, and provides dovetail counter submissions where feasible.  We provide escapes across the following broad classes of positional reference: Head-Holds, Head & Arm/Scarf, Head & Shoulder/Broken Scarf, Reverse Broken Scarf, Shoulder Choke/Arm Triangle, North South Permutations, Top Saddle/Mount Permutations, Cross-Body Permutations, Mount Transition Escapes, 1/2 Guard/1/2 Mount Permutations, Knee Rides, Quarter/Turtle Position Permutations, Bottom Scissors/Guard Submission Counters, Arm Bar Beats, TWL/Americana Counters, Rear Naked Escapes, Foot/Ankle Lock Escapes, Dorsals, Chancery/Guillotines, and Standing Jeopardy Escapes, 350+ Escapes in all.