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Boxing Like the Champs


Crew, this old man goes on vacation June 3-12. You may still query or order during that time but be advised there will be a lag in response until I return to civilization. Trust that once I'm back I'll get to you all asap. Thanks in advance for your patience!




BOXING LIKE THE CHAMPS: Lessons From Boxing’s Greatest Fighters
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BOXING LIKE THE CHAMPS: Lessons From Boxing’s Greatest Fighters

Crew, it’s finally here! I’ve worked loooong and hard on this book and am mighty proud of what’s between its covers. 154 pages deep, toons of photos and among the subjects covered are:

•    Building a Fist like Jack Dempsey
•    Kid Chocolate’s Clinch Jab
•    Johnny Dundee’s Leaping Hook
•    Jose Napoles Buttery Lead Hand
•    The Artistry of Eder Jofre
•    Frank Erne’s 2-Point Feint and the Long Uppercut
•    Freddie Welsh’s Pinpoint Jab
•    Kid McCoy’s Corkscrew Arsenal
•    Sandy Saddler’s Slashing Jab
•    Tommy Loughran’s Fencing Jabs
•    Billy Conn’s Hit & Run
•    Pancho Villa’s Hook-Jab
•    Sonny Liston’s Hammer-Hook
•    The Mike Gibbons’ Reconnaissance Book
•    Stanley Ketchel’s Rotational Power
•    Joe Frazier’s Dark Road
•    Floyd Patterson’s Roadwork Math
•    Freddie Welsh’s Accelerated Roadwork
•    Sonny Liston’s Neck-Work
•    Battling Nelson’s Scissors Punch
•    The Duelist Jab, Pivot Punches, Negative lessons, and much much more…