Head’s Up & Personal Favor, Crew.

We’ve been sitting on a bit of not-so-fun info. The Missus has a brain tumor and she is scheduled for surgery October 1st.
I think you can tell from the nature of her photos and post announcing this that she doesn’t go in for all the wah-wah victim noise. No one is made stronger indulging in such a practice.
I won’t lie, life is a bit of a raw nerve at these times, mighty appreciative highs, and a few fearful lows but, made all the better by sharing it with her.
My favor, if you get time to throw some “Rah-rah!” “Go get ‘em!” support her way particularly on the 1st and the road to recovery following I’d be much obliged.
On the commerce side of things, life and business rolls on….but if I am a bit slow to respond to queries, or if a few orders go out a few days late in the month of October, well, priorities, I’m sure you understand

Thanks Crew, hug your loved ones.

The Details

  • Saturday & Sunday, October 27th & 28th. 10AM start both days.
  • Quitting Time: When our collective souls wilt.
  • Coaches: Yours truly with some Old School Boxing, Renegade Wrestling, Frontier Rough & Tumble, Jim Marx with Hardcore CQB & Weapons Tactics, & John Miller with the bone-snappinest leg-locking sambo to make a pelvis sweep.
  • Gear: Yourself, mouthpiece, boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and whatever gear you are comfortable drilling in.
  • Location: Red Dragon Martial Arts Center 284 South Daisy Street Morristown, TN 37813
  • This Boot Camp is suitable for all levels of experience and/or fitness. It will ALL tactics. Let's fill those noggins and notebooks.
  • This is a limited attendance Boot Camp. We like to keep the numbers low at these Boots so that we can provide individual attention.
  • The Price: $100 for both days, $55 for a single day.
  • To register, send us the loot to secure your spot. If you're loot-short, I'd suggest a deposit to hold a place.
  • For those with family in tow who have better things to do than to watch you sweat, we are less than 1/2 hour drive from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • For accommodations, search in the Boot Location area: Red Dragon Martial Arts Center 284 South Daisy St. Morristown TN 37813 (423) 587-3755 (School) www.rdkarate.com
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